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Brickell’s Private Elementary School

An innovative and progressive institution inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Giving continuity to our renowned early childhood education.

Registration is open for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.
Call 305-377-0391 to schedule your private tour.

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Who We Are

Opening its doors in 2008, KLA Schools of Brickell is regarded as one of the best schools for early childhood education in South Florida. We are located in the heart of Miami, right across the historic Miami River. Surrounded by Miami’s most beautiful sights, KLA Schools of Brickell offers children an enriching program with amazing views. At KLA Schools, children have the opportunity to learn based on their interests. Having an impressive backdrop like Downtown Miami’s skyline, cargo ships and drawbridges are some of the many landmarks our school is surrounded by. Teachers and children are tempted to explore and represent with endless possibilities and media, while at the same time developing a strong sense of belonging.

Call us to schedule a tour, where you can enjoy a wonderful day with your children, being fully immersed in our approach to education.

What Makes Us Unique

OurFirstOur First School
KLA Schools of Brickell is the founding location of KLA Schools. Many of our staff and administration have been with us since the start and contribute experience and understanding to our programs.

PlaygroundSpacious Playgrounds
Climbing structures, slides, push-cars, and houses for pretend play are all part of the outdoor spaces offered to children. A separate playground is available for the toddlers and infants providing opportunities for safe and age-appropriate play.

PreparationforESPreparation for Elementary School
State-of-the-art kindergarten integrates technology, arts, and science with creative expression. Along with physical well-being and social development, we ready children for lifelong success.

safeandsecureSecure Facility
With closed circuit cameras, electronically locked doors and a security guard on staff, we offer peace of mind to families.

inspiring location2Inspiring Location
Located in the heart of Downtown Brickell and on the Miami River, children can explore their environment in the context of their own backyard. Local businesses and wildlife are part of our everyday lives.

AtelierAtelier (Art Studio)
An Atelier connotes an artist’s workroom and at KLA Schools of Brickell, it is also a common space that children share. It supports the use of different media while encouraging exchanges between the different materials, people and ideas.

GardenChild Cared for Garden
The children and families of KLA Schools care for this intimate plot of ground where opportunities for growth, exploration and a close look at nature are provided.

Classrooms are furnished with wide-open windows and transparent doors that connect the classrooms to one another. By structuring our spaces this way, the children are provided with the opportunity to feel welcomed not just in their classrooms, but in the ones next door.

EnrichmentCoursesEnrichment Courses
Movement, Physical Education, Spanish, Art and Music are weekly courses included in the tuition to offer children opportunities to expand upon their interests during their daily experiences.

* Spanish is incorporated in all classrooms throughout the day. Children in the class of the Four’s and Kindergarten receive special instruction for reading, writing and speaking the language as well.

Cleanliness as a Priority
At KLA Schools we use beautiful hardwood floors that allow our staff and custodians to keep the school spotless. Our commitment to the health and safety of our students made it easy to choose Zono Machines. We use it daily to disinfect all of our toys, making sure that our students are using safe and clean materials.

“The best preschool approach in the world!”


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Registration is Now Open
Call us now to schedule your tour: 305-377-0391


  • My son loves going to school every morning and doesn’t want to leave! Fun learning environment in Kla Brickell!

    – Sandra A.

  • Nikhil loves KLA Brickell and they prepare the kids to be ready for kindergarten.

    – Ramya H.

  • I loved this school! The “pay-by-the-piece” packaging, allows you to only pay for what you (and your family) needs. There are a lot of opportunities for cultural days, spirit week, other school events/ picnics and festivals for parents to participate in the school’s environment. A community for your child to feel involved in.

    Love that they had parent teacher meetings, complete with evaluations. I really felt like I knew exactly what was going on with my child, every day that he was there. The weekly newsletter complete with pictures, allowed me to keep my extended family, also up-to-date with my son’s progress. It also took a lot of the work off of my shoulders- so I could spend more time with my son. Quality time.

    The emphasis on diversity is very cool an evident, even as you walk in the doors, and they name a list of countries that all of the families are from. They help the kids learn, through songs, and games, so the kids don’t recognize that they are learning. A lot of the songs are in Spanish and English.

    Another bonus-they offer classes for your child to attend, in which the teacher’s travel to the school; so you don’t have to. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to waste time driving your child to lessons in other places. My son attended soccer, kidokinetics (gymnastics), and it didn’t cost any more than it would have cost me to enroll my child elsewhere. The perfect solution for the working mother, who doesn’t want to sacrifice their child for the sake of career.

    I highly recommend this school! But beware, it can get pricey, especially if you need before care/ after care/ during the day classroom time and choose to enroll your child in a class or two.

    – Christina M.

  • My son is in his second year at KLA Brickell and he has truly enjoyed his experience so far in this space. He gets along well with all of the kids and the teachers, assistants and staff have created a great atmosphere. There are always lots of great events going on such as spirit week and holiday shows. My son has definitely showed a budding interest in art/painting, sports and music. We are happy he is being exposed to so many different things. The parents can have a lot of interaction with the teachers and get a very detailed assessment for each child at the end of the semester. These assessments give wonderful feedback on how my son is developing, learning and growing. Overall our experience with KLA has been excellent and my son has had a great time. He even gets upset when its time to leave the school.

    – Miguel T.

  • I love this School, both my kids went to KLA they couldn’t be more happier, they would be very upset if they miss one day of school.

    They graduated from kindergarten and every time we have an opportunity we go to visit the school; the teachers always give us a warm welcome and make us feel home.

    The school is clean bright and offer the kids a great opportunity to learn, to think, to socialize… To be themselves. Also the school involve the parents a lot and there are many activities you can participate in.

    – Alejandro A.

  • I love this schools, My kid loves it, he learned a lot, and the school personnel is always concern about my kid’s best interest. Best in Miami, totally recommended. I fell safe leaving my son in there, great environment for children and very creative.

    – Sharon L.

  • My oldest kid (6) started attending this school before he was two years old and just graduated from Kindergarten and he wishes he could “stay there forever”. This will be the 3rd year for my little one (4) attending KLA and he loves it too. We all love it; the teachers are amazing! When you have little kids you want to know everything about them, and here the teachers are always available to talk to you and help you with any concerns you might have. You have teacher-parent conferences as well and they invite you to participate in many activities during the year; and every day there is documentation and pictures posted in the classroom, and also you can see them on the parent portal, so you can have an idea of what they are working on and see pictures of them during the school day.

    We are very happy with the Reggio Emilia approach, they learn so much without even noticing, even in kindergarten, where they learn to be responsible, to work and meet their goals and milestones like in any other school, the difference: they still get to learn a lot of things through play, and for us that is the best way to learn because they get to “be kids”. They learn to be self confident, independent, to be considerate with the other kids, they really motivate their curiosity to solve problems and why it is important and fun to learn things, they don’t learn just because they have to. They are encouraged to try all of the material and the different ways to learn things, hands on.

    They have also art, music, sports and even Spanish classes for the big kids.

    The school is beautiful, clean and secure. Everybody knows each other; they know all the kids by their names, my kids are very comfortable and feel like they are in their house almost.
    They have early care and after care program, and also a lot of after school classes.

    It is a great school to introduce the little ones to the world and a great base for all their school years.

    – Patricia F.

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