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Welcome To Our Community Newsletter!
Get to know more about our school, classrooms, teachers, events, academic updates, programs, facility, and more. We want to spread the word to our community about what’s so special about us, and how we provide the best education! We are a true Reggio-Emilia Inspired school and we hope to welcome you to our family very soon!
Register Today for 2019 – 2020 School Year
Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is now open!! If you have any questions about our program, educational philosophy or tuition, please come and tour our school. During your tour, you will see the school and classrooms in action, visit your child’s age group classroom and meet some of the staff members that make this all a reality. If possible, bring your child along with you to the tour, we would love to meet them as well. 

Call us at 305-377-0391 to schedule your tour today!

KLA Schools of Brickell services infants 2 months of age through children 5 years old.
A Night Under The Stars
A night presentation by Elementary Students combining Music, Movement, and Technology inspired and awed the crowd in our school parking lot!
Why Should You Tour?
  • See our school in action!
  •  Meet our directors and teachers
  •  Bring your child along!
  •  Ask questions about how children learn at KLA!
Join us this Summer!
Our Planet Earth is full of elements that make it one of a kind. This summer, KLA Schools is providing your child with the opportunity to discover and explore the world we live in.
Through an array of experiences, we will investigate the amazing things that make our Planet Earth unique while enriching each child’s special connection to our home planet. Learn more about our summer camp and to
What Makes Our School Unique?
AKA –> Teacher Planning Time
Professional Development
Why does KLA place such a high value on Professional development?
We believe in the incredible potential and never-ending growth of children, and our respect and dedication to our teachers is just as strong. KLA teachers spend 90 minutes every day to reflect, analyze, document, and plan. They also meet together as a staff once a week for 2 hours to share and work together as a team to continue learning from one another.
So What Does This Mean For Your Child?
Our teachers are passionate about teaching and about learning and growing. The time to work on projects, develop them, analyze and interpret what children are doing and saying, actually exists for them during their working hours! We truly believe that growth, progress, and learning brings us joy in life, and when our teachers are happy, our children are happy and set up for success.
Happy teachers + Happy Children = Learning! 
Endless Opportunities for Parent Involvement
Early this year parents had many of their questions about
Kindergarten and Elementary
at KLA answered while enjoying a morning coffee during a Coffee Talk for 4’s Parents with our Elementary Coordinator, Angie Rodriguez. 
Some important points covered:
  • Look forward to Kindergarten Switch Day, where children of the 4’s spend a whole day in Kindergarten! 
  • The Reggio Emilia Philosophy is still very present, as well as our enrichment program, including: Technology Lab, Karate, Physical Education, Spanish, Atelier, Choir, and Creative Movement.
Get To Know Some of Our Passionate Teachers
“I’m Ana, and I have been living in Miami for 17 years, originally from Cuba. I have been a teacher at KLA for 4 years and worked in the Nido’s 2’s and 4’s classrooms. I am currently completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I love being a teacher in KLA because I’ve learned so much, and I always want to continue learning more. In all of this learning, I’ve gotten the chance to know education and what I perceive to be the highest form of it, here at KLA.” 
Ana Alvarez, Teacher of the 4’s
“I’m Iliana, and when I moved to Miami from Honduras 7 years ago, I started working at KLA and I love it! I love that I have the freedom to be creative. Each child’s way of learning is respected. Teaching here is a teamwork, and I love how our school works together as a community.” Iliana has been a teacher of every age group in the preschool! –
Iliana Zelaya, Teacher of the 4’s
“As the Atelierista and Movement teacher at KLA, my main goal is to encourage every student to their maximum potential for self-expression, by using both creative movement and visual art as mediums of exploration.”
-Laura Prada, Atelierista and Creative Movement Teacher 
Keeping Young Children Safe on Youtube
Over the years, YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity. It now has over one billion users daily, and many of these are children. These days, parents are concerned about their children being exposed to YouTube and accidentally coming across a video that is scary. There are also disturbing videos that can seem child-friendly at first, often featuring faked versions of their favorite movie or book characters in frightening or adult situations.
Click here for 5 tips to help keep your young child safe on YouTube.


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